Aromatherapy is perhaps one of the most effective relaxation methods known to man. It not only relaxes your body, but it also relaxes your mind by soothing away all the problems.

There are many types of essential oils being used for aromatherapy. Each one has their own restorative properties. Some of the can be used for specific purposes. For instance, if you want to bring down your level of stress, you might consider asking your therapist to use lavender, clary sage, and lemon oils. However, if you are having trouble sleeping, Roman chamomile, marjoram, and patchouli oils would probably suit you best. Of course, if you want to restore your energy level, then you should make use of eucalyptus, grapefruit, and lemongrass oils.

Perhaps one of the most important things you need to understand is that the actual massage technique being used during the aromatherapy session is only secondary to the healing benefits of the essential oils.

Of course, since the goal of the session is to help patients relax, therapists rarely make use of intense massage techniques like the deep-tissue massage when putting essential oils on the patient’s body. Instead, essential oils are usually paired with the acupressure, lymphatic, neuromuscular, Swedish, or reflexology styles of massage.